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25.10.2018 19:30 Kolektiv ZIZ und Kud Transformator Spektakel, Hamburgerstrasse 14, 1050 Wien


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Primorska Summer Festival (15.5.2019-7.7.2019)
The Primorska Summer Festival is an international theatre festival that takes place throughout the coastal region of Slovenia and occasionally also in Italy and Croatia. [Site]
May Salon (30.5.2019-16.8.2019)
The May Salon is organised by the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations (ZDSLU), its origins going back to the Slovene artists exhibition in 1909 that took place in the Jakopič Pavillion. [Site]
Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art (5.6.2019-14.9.2019)
Established in 2003, the Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art is the main summer event of visual arts in the Ptuj region. [Site]
Biennial of Graphic Arts (7.6.2019-30.9.2019)
Biennial of Graphic Arts is the world's oldest existing biennial exhibition of contemporary graphic arts. [Site]
Klovnbuf Festival (15.6.2019-26.6.2019)
Since 2008, Bufeto Institute, the only professional institute in the area of the art of clown in Slovenia, annually organises the Klovnbuf International Contemporary Clown Theatre Festival. [Site]
International Music Festival Imago Slovenia (18.6.2019-1.9.2019)
Though the International Music Festival Imago Slovenia was formally established in 1994 by the Imago Sloveniae institute, it can be also dated back to 1986. [Site]
Folkest Festival (20.6.2019-9.7.2019)
Folkest Festival is a world music festival held in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto (Italy), Carinthia (Austria), and Istria (Slovenia and Croatia) under the sponsorship of UNESCO. [Site]
Mediterranean International Folklore Festival (MIFF) (21.6.2019-26.6.2019)
Launched in 2003 by the VAL Piran Folkloric Dance Association, the Mediterranean International Folklore Festival (MIFF) is an annual showcase of folklore music, dance, and gastronomic culture of the Mediterranean countries, however in recent years, the festival also hosts folklore groups from other countries. [Site]
Lent Festival (21.6.2019-30.6.2019)
Established in 1993, the international Lent Festival is among the largest open-air festivals in Europe and the most massive festival of its kind in Slovenia. [Site]
Mini Summer - International Festival for Children (22.6.2019-2.9.2019)
Organised by Mini Theatre, the Mini Summer - International Festival for Children was launched in 1999 with the aim of animating the streets, squares, and atriums of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Castle with high-quality puppetry performances and workshops for children. [Site]
Folkart International Folklore Festival, Maribor (25.6.2019-30.6.2019)
Organised annually under the patronage of the International Council for Organisations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF), the Folkart International Folklore Festival, Maribor is an important platform for folklore groups and musicians. [Site]
Bluesland Festival (27.6.2019-30.6.2019)
Bluesland Festival, Slovenia International Blues Festival is launched in June 2019, taking place in the courtyard of Ljubljana Castle. [Site]
Sanje ('Dreams') Festival (27.6.2019-1.7.2019)
The popular summer event Sanje ('Dreams') Festival was initiated by Sanje Publishing House in 2002. [Site]
Gora Rocka (27.6.2019-1.7.2019)
The festival Gora Rocka takes place on Šentviška planota, a plateau at the foothills of the Julian Alps. [Site]
Summer in Velenje Festival (27.6.2019-25.8.2019)
The Summer in Velenje Festival was launched in 1984 under the name Summer Cultural Events in Velenje as one of the first multidisciplinary summer city festivals in Slovenia. [Site]
Celje FOKUS Festival (28.6.2019-1.7.2019)
Celje FOKUS Festival – a festival of authorial photography – was first held in 2015 and is currently one of the few or even the only one of its kind in Slovenia. [Site]
SubArt Festival (28.6.2019-9.7.2019)
SubArt Festival was launched in 2009 in Kranj and is nowadays one of the premier summer festivals in town, presenting various alternative musical acts, movie screenings, photography exhibitions, theatre shows, and street performances. [Site]
Bohinj Summer Music Festival (29.6.2019-16.8.2019)
The Bohinj Summer Music Festival was launched in 1996 and has since been more or less faithfully held in the architecturally and acoustically stunning St Martin's Church in the village of Srednja vas. [Site]
International Saxophone Meeting (1.7.2019-7.7.2019)
Organised every summer since 1997 by Nova Gorica Arts Centre at Nova Gorica Music School, the International Saxophone Meeting is the annual gathering point for young saxophone players from Slovenia and abroad. [Site]
Sajeta Creative Camp (1.7.2019-8.7.2019)
Launched in 1998 and held on the peninsula between the mountain rivers Soča and Tolminka, Sajeta Creative Camp is a very special kind of a summer festival. [Site]



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