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26. Mai 2017, 18:00 Uhr u.a. mit dem slowenischen Dichter Uroš Prah beim dichtung//s//ring mo.ë, Thelemangasse 4, 1170, Wien
29. Mai bis 1. Juni 2017 Slowenische Tradition in zeitgenössischer Form Universität Graz, Institut für Theoretische und Angewandte Translationswissenschaft (1. Stock, Zimmer 33.1.008), Merangasse 70, 8010 Graz
31. Mai 2017, 20:00 Uhr Tanz-Theater Performance am tanzhafenFESTIVAL 2017 Posthof, Posthofstraße 43, 4020 Linz
31. Mai bis 29. Juli 2017, 20:00 Uhr 70 Jahre Magnumphotos Photon Gallery Vienna, Zieglergasse 34, 1070 Wien
16. Mai bis 11. Juni 2017 Wiener Festwochen 2017 Open Space, Kaiserstraße 76, 1070 Wien
1. bis 31. Mai 2017 Artist in Residence
7. Juni 2017, 19:00 Uhr Vorstellung des Archivs, Videoprojektionen und Gespräch über die Archivierung zeitgenössischer Kunst Blickle Kino / 21er Haus, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien
9. Juni bis 28. Juli 2017, 18:00 Uhr kuratiert von.kurirali.curata da Ina LOITZL . Tanja PRUŠNIK Kro Art contemporary, Getreidemarkt 15, 1060 Wien
21. Juni 2017, 21:00 Uhr ein Konzert im Loop Loop, Lerchenfelder Gürtel, U-Bahnbogen 26/27, 1080 Wien
25. Juni 2017, 20:30 Uhr ein Konzert im Tunnel Tunnel, Florianigasse 39, 1080 Wien

In Residence Wien

Bisherige Gäste

1. bis 31. Juli 2014






23.03.2017, 19:30 Uhr Tanzperformance von Iztok Kovač und Janez Janša Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien


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Kultur: Sonstiges

29. Mai bis 1. Juni 2017 Slowenische Tradition in zeitgenössischer Form Universität Graz, Institut für Theoretische und Angewandte Translationswissenschaft (1. Stock, Zimmer 33.1.008), Merangasse 70, 8010 Graz


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Kommenden Festivals


Admission Free Festival
The Admission Free Festival is an annual art festival with artistic interventions, actions, performances, and installations taking place in the urban context of Celje since 1990. Site
Biennial of Design (BIO)
The Biennial of Design, known also by its Slovene acronym BIO, explores and reflects contemporary developments in international design through a collaborative process; questioning and analysing current conditions in industrial production, public and private space, systems and networks. Site
Biennial of Graphic Arts
Biennial of Graphic Arts is the world's oldest existing biennial exhibition of contemporary graphic arts. Site
Breka Fest
Breka Fest was launched in 2008 in the village of Srednja Bistrica as the only festival of its kind in Prekmurje, the northeast region of Slovenia. Site
Carniola Festival, Summer in Kranj
Organised by the Art Centre - Institute of Youth Culture, Kranj since 2003, the Carniola Festival, Summer in Kranj is an international summer festival of music, theatre and dance. [ Site]
DokuBazaar, Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival
DokuBazaar, Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival is a transnational independent documentary film festival which took off in 2009. Site
Drama Festival
The Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana launched its Drama Festival in 2014 with the première of the new performance Marina Abramović or How I Lost My Way to Antigone produced by the Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Novo mesto and the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana. Site
Druga godba Festival
Druga godba Festival is a major Slovene international world music festival. Site
Džjezz Festival
The Džjezz Festival was launched in 2009 in Celje by the then newly opened House of Culture Celje. Site
Festival of Migrant Film
Since 2010 Slovene Philanthropy celebrates the World Refugee Day (20th June) with the Festival of Migrant Film, dedicated to all refugees and migrants worldwide. Site
Godibodi Festival
First appearing in 2008, Godibodi Festival is organised by Celinka Agency and is led by the agency's artistic director (otherwise a versatile and much sought after accordionist) Janez Dovč. Site
Gora Rocka
The festival Gora Rocka takes place on Šentviška planota, a plateau at the foothills of the Julian Alps. Site
HISTeRIA Festival
Though formally established and first held in 2011, HISTeRIA Festival actually dates back to 2003, when the musician, puppeteer, activist, actor, and director Matija Solce started organising the Etno Histria workshops. Site
Idrija Lace Festival
For centuries the town of Idrija has been associated with mining and lacemaking as its trademarks. Site
In Memoriam Prof. Peter Hafner Festival
The In Memoriam Prof. Peter Hafner Festival was first organised under this name in 2009, as a successor of sorts to the "Alter-Fest" that first appeared in 2005 at the Rdeča ostriga Club. Site
International Ceramics Triennial Unicum
The first International Ceramics Triennial Unicum kicked off in 2009 with the central exhibition in the National Museum of Slovenia. Site
International Music Festival Imago Slovenia
Though the International Music Festival Imago Slovenia was formally established in 1994 by the Imago Sloveniae institute, it can be also dated back to 1986. Site
International Youth Choir Festival
Established in 1946, the biennial International Youth Choir Festival is the oldest festival in Slovenia. Site
Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival
The Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival is a specialised, non-competitive festival that focuses on presenting contemporary, geographically and aesthetically very heterogeneous film production. Site
Kramp Fest
Kramp Fest (also called Privat piknik) was launched in 2008, when a mild annoyance about the lethargic state of affairs in the Idrija region led a local enthusiast to set up an ad hoc hc punk festival. [ Site]
Krastival Open Air Festival
Krastival Open Air Festival has taken place in the town of Komen, in the Kras region near the Slovenian-Italian border, since 2006. [ Site]
Lighting Guerrilla Festival
First held in 2008, the Lighting Guerrilla is a quite special festival that explores, elaborates and sheds light on the myriad relations between light, the public space and the 'confines' of the gallery walls. Site
Lirikonfest Velenje is an annual international poetry festival organised by Velenje Literary Foundation and literary association Velenika. Site
Living Literature Festival
Organised each June by the ŠKUC Association, the Living Literature Festival is a literary and musical event staged on the pedestrian street in front of the ŠKUC Gallery in old town Ljubljana. Site
Launched and held from 2004 onwards in the coastal village of Marezige, MareziJazz is the biggest big band festival in Central Europe and the only one of its kind in Slovenia. Site
Naša pesem Choir Competition
Launched in 1989 by the Maribor branch office of the Public Fund for Cultural Activities, the Naša pesem ("Our song") Choir Competition is a national event held first annually with the support of the Municipality of Maribor. Site
Pisana Loka Festival
Pisana Loka is a local summer festival taking place at various locations in Škofja Loka in August. Site
Pixxelpoint International Festival of Contemporary Art Practices
The Pixxelpoint International Festival of Contemporary Art Practices, organised by Nova Gorica Arts Centre, was launched in 2000. Site
Primorska Summer Festival
Launched in 1993, during its first decade, the Primorska Summer Festival, Koper-Capodistria was the only festival platform for presentation of the recent productions by Slovene repertory theatres to the audiences of the Slovene coastal towns of Koper-Capodistria and Piran-Pirano. Site
Rdeči revirji! - Red Beats! Festival
Rdeči revirji! is an annual arts festival, held in the three main towns of the Zasavje region. Site
Slovene Choirs Meeting in Šentvid, Stična
The traditional annual June meeting of Slovene choirs from Slovenia as well as from neighbouring countries – also known as the Šentviški pevski tabor – is one of the largest singing events in Europe, involving the participation of up to 250 choirs and around 5,000 vocalists. [ Site]
Slovenia Press Photo Festival
In 2009 the first Slovenia Press Photo Festival (SPP) took place in the National Gallery of Slovenia. Site
Sonica International Festival of Transitory Art
Sonica is a festival of transitory, sound, and experimental art, conceived as a showcase of the annual programme of the MoTA Museum of Transitory Art. Site
SubArt Festival
SubArt Festival was launched in 2009 in Kranj and is nowadays one of the premier summer festivals in town, presenting various alternative musical acts, movie screenings, photography exhibitions, theatre shows, and street performances. [ Site]
Transgenerations Festival of Youth Creativity
Launched in 1984, this annual multimedia festival comprehensively presents the best Slovene secondary school art productions in the field of theatre, dance, video, photography, design, fine arts, rock music, and literature, which relate to social, existential, political, ecological, and identity issues of youth at the beginning of the new millennium. Site
Urbano Dejanje
Urbano Dejanje or UD Festival was launched in Ljubljana in 2015. Site
Vurberk Folk Pop Festival
Since its founding in 1992, Vurberk Folk Pop Festival has been annually hosting select folk pop music ensembles at the grounds of the Vurberk castle (located between Maribor and Ptuj, Eastern Slovenia). Site
Depot:World Music Days 2015
The festival article was put into Depot as the ISCM World Music Days hosted in Slovenia were over in 2015. Site
Young Rhymes
Young Rhymes (Mlade rime) is a monthly series of poetry readings that have been happening at the Menza pri koritu since 2005. Site
Zasavje Noisefest International
First organised in 2014, Zasavje Noisefest International is a young festival that, as the name suggests, presents an international programme of experimental sound and noise music. Site



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