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25.10.2018 19:30 Kolektiv ZIZ und Kud Transformator Spektakel, Hamburgerstrasse 14, 1050 Wien


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Biennial of Slovene Book Illustration (27.3.2019-20.5.2019)
The Biennial of Slovene Book Illustration has been organised since 1993 by Cankarjev dom Gallery in cooperation with the Illustration Section of the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies (ZDSLU) with the aim of promoting book illustration as a fine arts discipline. [Site]
Orto Fest (28.3.2019-28.4.2019)
Established in 1999 and regularly held since 2001, Orto Fest is an ambitious festival with a wide ranging scope of its musical programme. [Site]
Primorska Summer Festival (15.5.2019-7.7.2019)
The Primorska Summer Festival is an international theatre festival that takes place throughout the coastal region of Slovenia and occasionally also in Italy and Croatia. [Site]
Jazz Cerkno Festival (16.5.2019-19.5.2019)
Launched in 1996 Jazz Cerkno Festival is an annual international music festival organised by Jazz Cerkno Institute. [Site]
Lighting Guerrilla Festival (16.5.2019-17.6.2019)
First held in 2008, the Lighting Guerrilla is a quite special festival that explores, elaborates and sheds light on the myriad relations between light, the public space and the 'confines' of the gallery walls. [Site]
Visions Festival of Young Theatre Groups (17.5.2019-20.5.2019)
Launched in 2006 by the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia to complement its annual Linhart Encounter, the Visions Festival of Young Theatre Groups is a showcase of the best Slovene youth theatre productions of the season. [Site]
Druga godba Festival (21.5.2019-26.5.2019)
Druga godba Festival is nowadays a major Slovene international world music festival. [Site]
Design Biotop (23.5.2019-26.5.2019)
Consisting of lectures, workshops, and discussions, the self-styled "experiential conference" Design Biotop was first held in 2013. [Site]
Rdeči revirji! - Red Beats! Festival (23.5.2019-3.6.2019)
Rdeči revirji! is an annual arts festival, held in the three main towns of the Zasavje region. [Site]
Drama Festival (25.5.2019-2.6.2019)
The Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana launched its Drama Festival in 2014 with the première of the new performance Marina Abramović or How I Lost My Way to Antigone produced by the Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Novo mesto and the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana. [Site]
Godibodi Festival (30.5.2019-2.6.2019)
First appearing in 2008, Godibodi Festival is organised by Celinka Agency and is led by the agency's artistic director (otherwise a versatile and much sought after accordionist) Janez Dovč. [Site]
May Salon (30.5.2019-16.8.2019)
The May Salon is organised by the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations (ZDSLU), its origins going back to the Slovene artists exhibition in 1909 that took place in the Jakopič Pavillion. [Site]
Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival (5.6.2019-10.6.2019)
The Kino Otok - Isola Cinema Festival is a specialised, non-competitive festival that focuses on presenting contemporary, geographically and aesthetically very heterogeneous film production. [Site]
Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art (5.6.2019-14.9.2019)
Established in 2003, the Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art is the main summer event of visual arts in the Ptuj region. [Site]
Living Literature Festival (7.6.2019-15.6.2019)
Organised each June by the ŠKUC Association, the Living Literature Festival is a literary and musical event staged on the pedestrian street in front of the ŠKUC Gallery in old town Ljubljana. [Site]
Biennial of Graphic Arts (7.6.2019-30.9.2019)
Biennial of Graphic Arts is the world's oldest existing biennial exhibition of contemporary graphic arts. [Site]
Pranger Festival (11.6.2019-17.6.2019)
The international Pranger Festival, a meeting of poets, critics, and poetry translators, has been organised every summer since 2004 in Rogaška Slatina and Šmarje pri Jelšah by the KUD Pranger Cultural Association. [Site]
Idrija Lace Festival (14.6.2019-17.6.2019)
For centuries the town of Idrija has been associated with mining and lacemaking as its trademarks. [Site]
Slovene Choirs Meeting in Šentvid, Stična (15.6.2019-17.6.2019)
The traditional annual June meeting of Slovene choirs from Slovenia as well as from neighbouring countries – also known as the Šentviški pevski tabor – is one of the largest singing events in Europe, involving the participation of up to 250 choirs and around 5,000 vocalists. [Site]
Klovnbuf Festival (15.6.2019-26.6.2019)
Since 2008, Bufeto Institute, the only professional institute in the area of the art of clown in Slovenia, annually organises the Klovnbuf International Contemporary Clown Theatre Festival. [Site]



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