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24. August bis 9. September 2018 Internationale Gruppenausstellung in Baden Haus der Kunst, Kaiser Franz-Ring 7, 2500 Baden
28. August bis 16. September 2018 Internationale Kunstausstellung Schloss Gloggnitz, Kirchensteig 3, 2640 Gloggnitz
19. September 2018, 19:30 Uhr Slowenisches Kammerorchester Wien, Jera Petriček Hrastnik Arnold Schönberg Center, Schwarzenbergplatz 6, 1030 Wien
1. Januar bis 31. Dezember 2018 Zum hundertjährigen Jubiläum des Todes des großen slowenischen Schriftstellers

In Residence Wien

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1. bis 31. Juli 2014




21. Juni 2018, 18:30 Uhr Mit Duo Floris Willem, Violine (BE) und Žan Trobas, Akkordeon (SI) Balassi Institut - Collegium Hungaricum, Hollandstraße 4, 1020 Wien




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Mini Summer - International Festival for Children (23.6.2018-2.9.2018)
Organised by Mini Theatre, the Mini Summer - International Festival for Children was launched in 1999 with the aim of animating the streets, squares, and atriums of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Castle with high-quality puppetry performances and workshops for children. [Site]
Ljubljana Festival (28.6.2018-3.9.2018)
The Ljubljana Festival is a renowned and highly ambitious international festival which offers a variety of music, theatre and dance performances by leading international as well as domestic artists. [Site]
Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art (6.7.2018-9.9.2018)
Established in 2003, the Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art is the main summer event of visual arts in the Ptuj region. [Site]
Tartini Festival (2.8.2018-8.9.2018)
Established in 2001 the Tartini Festival is an international music festival dedicated to one of the greatest violinists of the Baroque period, the Piran-born Guiseppe Tartini (1692–1770). [Site]
Front@ Contemporary Dance Festival (29.8.2018-1.9.2018)
Front@ Contemporary Dance Festival takes place annually each end of August in Murska Sobota, a town in the eastern region of Slovenia known as Prekmurje. [Site]
Zmaj 'ma mlade Festival (21.8.2018-2.9.2018)
Launched by the Postojna Youth Centre in 1997 as a two-day event, the Zmaj 'ma mlade Festival ("The Dragon has Youngsters" Festival) now takes place annually for at least two weeks in August at various venues in the city centre of Postojna. [Site]
Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures (24.8.2018-1.9.2018)
The Kunigunda Festival of Young Cultures is a summer festival that happens in the city of Velenje. [Site]
Film Mixer Independent Film Festival (30.8.2018-2.9.2018)
Launched in 2014, Film Mixer Independent Film Festival is presenting independent film productions from all over the world. [Site]
Mladi levi Festival (24.8.2018-1.9.2018)
The Mladi levi Festival (in English: Young Lions Festival) is an annual international festival of contemporary theatre and dance. [Site]
ČrnFest (17.8.2018-1.9.2018)
ČrnFest was organised for the first time in 2008. [Site]
Breka Fest (31.8.2018-1.9.2018)
Breka Fest was launched in 2008 in the village of Srednja Bistrica as the only festival of its kind in Prekmurje, the northeast region of Slovenia. [Site]
DOKUDOC International Documentary Film Festival (29.8.2018-2.9.2018)
The DOKUDOC festival was initially set up as a showcase of contemporary Slovene documentary film, first organised in 2012 under the auspices of the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012 programme. [Site]
Pisana Loka Festival (24.8.2018-2.9.2018)
Pisana Loka is a local summer festival taking place at various locations in Škofja Loka in August. [Site]
Festival Performa & Platforma (29.8.2018-2.9.2018)
In 2014, a pair of international art festivals – Performa and Contemporary dance Platform – joined forces to become an entity called Festival Performa & Platforma. [Site]
Festival of Slovenian Film (10.9.2018-15.9.2018)
The Festival of Slovenian Film (Festival slovenskega filma or FSF) is classified as a national film festival as it offers an annual review of domestic film and television production. [Site]
Club Marathon (13.9.2018-2.11.2018)
Radio Študent (RŠ) started its project Klubski maraton, or Club Marathon in 2001. [Site]
Ex-tempore Piran - International Painting and Ceramics (1.9.2018-8.9.2018)
Organised since 1964 by the Coastal Galleries, Ex-tempore Piran is one of the oldest competitive art festivals of its kind in Slovenia, running uninterrupted since its start. [Site]
Kogoj’s Days (7.9.2018-26.10.2018)
Organised each year in memory of the expressionistic composer Marij Kogoj (1892–1956), Kogoj’s Days is a high-quality festival of contemporary Slovene music, which takes place at different venues in the small picturesque town of Kanal ob Soči in western Slovenia. [Site]
Lutke International Puppet Festival (13.9.2018-16.9.2018)
A renowned puppetry festivals, Lutke International Puppet Festival is a biennial event organised by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre since 1995. [Site]
LUPA Slovene Non-Governmental Organisations’ Festival (13.9.2018-13.9.2018)
The goal of the LUPA Festival is to raise awareness of NGO issues and activities, to increase cooperation among various groups, and to strengthen dialogue between NGOs and the government, local communities and international organisations. [Site]



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