19. september do 31. oktober 2018 Galerie ARCC.art, Kaiserstrasse 76, 1070 Dunaj
Eva Petrič: WebChain
  • Otvoritev: sreda, 19. september 2018, 19:00
  • trajanje: 20. september do 31. oktober 2018
  • TO - PE, 13:00 - 18:00 in po osebnem dogovoru preko ahoi@arcc-art.com ali +43 19560341

"What are the borders of the body? Can one say that stars are also bodies, living organisms composed of cells, appearing to our eye as one big cell? ...

The inspiration behind the creation of Web Chain series was to offer a way to experience the rather abstract and invisible phenomena of webbing which composes us and all that we call life. This phenomenon of webbing defines us as being an existent and single whole and at the same time fuses us to the point of complete unification with larger systems, regardless of whether we are a human, a fish, a tree, half spider, half girl.

The assemblages which I created as back drops for my Web Chain series were inspired by NASA and ESA images of stars as well as the Medical Faculty of Ljubljana University’s images of cells. With their constant female protagonist, and the lace backdrop in each image appearing as the Big Bang, Web Chain Series exports the idea of Mitochondrial Eva also into outer space, making us think that perhaps Mitochondrial EVA, symbolized by the female protagonist is not just something human bound, but rather outer-space bound. ...

  • We exist in a lace-like network of knots and loops being more connected and more dependent on each other then we are often aware of.
  • If one thread breaks, all the threads resonate ..." (Eva Petrič)

Foto: Eva Petrič: World Embryo – One World, World for All, at the Delegates Entrance, UN General Assembly, New York, June 2018