Špela Petrič (Link) erhält" > Špela Petrič (Link) erhält" >

8. bis 12. September 2021 in der Kategorie Artificial Intelligence and Life Art Mehrere Standorte, Linz

Die slowenische Künstlerin Špela Petrič (Link) erhält an der Ars Electronica 2021 eine ehrenvolle Erwähnung in der Kategorie 'Artificial Intelligence and Life Art' für ihre Arbeit PL’AI. Wir Gratulieren ganz herzlich!

  • Die Jurybegründung (in Englisch):
  • "PL’AI is a work about the playful interaction between an AI robot and a cucumber plant. Špela Petrič explores the question what it would mean to make an Artificial Intelligence that thinks of itself as a plant. Petrič steps with this bold move into new territory. Colorful bouncy balls: the tendril searches for something to grab on to. Once the plant grabs hold of one of the bouncy balls, which is captured by the camera, this signals the AI to stop that ball from moving. The piece emphasizes an explicit plant interest, the AI robot does obey vegetal desires. This plant-centric viewpoint also ironically undermines any commercial corporate pragmatism, as the plant is not here to serve. The vegetal growth behavior, however, challenges us humans, since it is for us only visible with the technological help of a time lapse."

Foto: © Hana Jošić, Kapelica