the idea of antidepressive wear is" > the idea of antidepressive wear is" >

1. bis 31. August 2015

the idea of antidepressive wear is a performative extension of a fashion design concept created by a fashion artist Tomaž Tomljanović a.k.a. dualik as a reaction to forced mindset of contemporary society – an individual condemned to constant self-inventing and discovering his or her value as a participant of this western world. It is a project merging different artistic disciplines and creators.

  • Tomaž Tomljanović a.k.a. dualik - fashion artist
  • Ajda Tomazin - choreographer, performer, designer, photographer
  • Lili M Rampre - choreographer, performer, dance pedagogue
  • Petra Hazabent - creative producer and curator, the

the idea of ANDW is performative series encouraging a collective research of the technologies of the self - caring for oneself being the most important subject. Kill your adjectives, Drop your habits please, Change or be changed and Please do play are 4 “maximas” set up as a springboard for the artistic dialogues, structured not as a passive discussion, but rather as an action of different artistic movements. Bringing together practitioners from different artistic backgrounds to touch upon a proposed subject opened up the process of creations as well as modes of presentations and a playground for a new genre to appear - performing fashion. The relevance of „performing fashion“ and not „fashion performance“ proves itself through many current societal issues – gender questions, attention economy, consumerism and sustainability, the value of live-experience as an endangered type of engagement in the world of social networks and cyber spaces. The research is set in different environments and cities where series of events (described under the methodology and actions) will be realized in order to intervene, to unite, to move and most of all to research what moves people today. In London - the whole July in collaboration with The Place theatre and Tripspace (still in process of dialogue), Vienna - the whole August in collaboration with Ministry of Culture Slovenia and SKICA organization, City of Bochum in North - Rhine Westphalia - the whole November in collaboration with tanzrecherche NRW.

  • Creative process
  • Merging different creators with intention to re-think their values and ways of creating, it is a vision of work ethics to be inscribed in concrete materialized solutions. How can we access and reach into the rigid structures and norms of different artistic fields and make them useful for wider society? We understand an artistic process as a platform for the social – common research, meaning it is not an individual´s urge or desire that´s the sole bearer of leading edge exploration. With such a standpoint we have realized the potential of shared practices for common social issues to be revealed and given voice. Repression and depression in various forms unfortunately being a too common reality, both present an opportunity to recycle them into a positive driving force. The innovative approach of the research is that it joins fields that share so much, but have not been brought in contact substantially or their interaction hasn´t been seriously questioned except for commercial reasons. We would like to achieve a clearer sense of how the two fields merge, how they inform each other, how could one think of the body in the light of the other. Proposed actions therefore aim to reveal more about the subject through practice of fields and as a result tackle the questions of how an urban »heartbeat« of the city, habits, people, artists can move together and communicate through the body and the »second« skin – the clothes in new ways.