24. Mai bis 24. Juni 2019

Die slowenische Künstlerin Špela Petrič hat for kurzem an der Ars Electronica in Linz den Award o Distinction in der Kategorie 'Artificial Intelligence and Life Art' für ihre Arbeit Confronting Vegetal Otherness – Skotopoiesis, Phytoteratology, Strange Encounters (Link) erhalten. Wir Gratulieren ganz herzlich!

  • Die Jurybegründung (Link) (in Englisch):
  • (Memo Akten, Jens Hauser, Vladan Joler, Irini Papadimitriou, Moon Ribas)

With her triptych Confronting Vegetal Otherness, Špela Petrič demonstrates continued and conceptually multi-facetted work to address bio-semiotic relationships with the plant world, and to call for the enlarging of the human sensorium via plantamorphization. Translating her long-term involvement with the plant kingdom at different scales both in time and space, Petrič poetically stages human-plant kinship and co-performativity from the molecular to the ecological realm, via different vectors of communication from hormones to light. Her work systematically challenges the idea that sign processes carried out symbolically by humans are per se superior to other processes that play a crucial role in information and interpretation processes among living entities at large. In the quest of a process of ‘intercognition,’ Petrič explores material rather than language-based ways of physico-chemical exchange, while viscerally engaging audiences in the exploration of vegetal qualities crucial for human survival, and advertising a philosophical attitude of ‘becoming plant’ as eco-systemic intelligence.

Foto: Špela Petrič